Holiday cheer is all well and good, but does it help or hinder when trying to sell your home? If you love stringing up lights the day after Thanksgiving and decorating a Christmas tree with your family, we have good news! Not only are people more motivated to buy during the holiday season, but a little holiday cheer goes a long way.

At LAWSON & CO., we understand the importance of first impressions in real estate. Here’s how you can deck the halls in a way that won’t overwhelm potential buyers and a few things you should avoid.

Before Decorating

Before you decorate, it’s important that your home is clean and tidy. Adding holiday decor to a house overloaded with knick-knacks can make it appear messy and small.

You want an inviting atmosphere with a few simple holiday touches. You also want to take your listing photos before setting up your tree so that people can see your home as a fresh slate. This helps and encourages potential buyers to envision themselves in your home.

It takes time and money to stage your home for a listing, so don’t waste that on holiday decor. Instead, set up a cozy and warm feeling that feels welcoming on a cold winter day.

How to Decorate to Sell Your Home

Many realtors suggest keeping it simple. You should have one area devoted to holiday cheer, such as a Christmas tree with stockings nearby and something inviting at the front door, like a wreath.

Avoid turning your house into a winter wonderland or draping red and green in every room. Make sure that none of the decorations cover up key portions of the house or make rooms appear smaller. This means going for a medium-sized tree that is tastefully decorated.

You can also add a few small but sparse touches throughout the house, like frosted pinecones in a bowl in the bathroom or on a table in the hallway. If you have a mantle, add one or two hand-sized holiday representations, such as a snowman or white candles.

As for the front of your house, also known as curb appeal, note your neighborhood. If everyone decorates their houses, yours will look out of place if it doesn’t have a few lights. That said, stick with warm whites and minimal outlining. You want to avoid the inflatables and yard decorations so potential buyers aren’t overwhelmed when they stop by to see your home.

Avoid Decorating Like This When Selling Your Home

While decorating, be sure the visuals don’t hold religious connotations. Not everyone follows the same faith; overtly religious decor can be a turnoff for potential buyers. For example, items like Christmas trees and Menorahs are considered secular, while Nativity scenes are strictly religious.

A great way to tell the difference is to head to your favorite department store and see the holiday decor they have on display. Often, it’s tastefully done with neutral-colored ornaments and a few splashes of greenery.

When to Take Holiday Décor Down  

Some people like to wait a few weeks after the holidays before packing everything up, but when you’re trying to sell your home, it needs to come down as soon as possible. You’re welcome to leave winter decor in place, but pack away anything holiday-centric so potential buyers can imagine living in the house for the upcoming year.

Need More Tips on How to Decorate when Selling Your Home?

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