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What is a Silent Auction?

Not all auctions are big, loud to-dos with people shouting the next highest bid in their determination to win an object. Some auctions are actually quiet and are known as "silent" auctions. Silent auctions have the same objective as a traditional auction: sell the...

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Should You Fix Your Home or Sell it As Is?

You've decided to sell your house. Congratulations!  The next step is your appraisal. It's time to figure out how much your house is worth. Your home, land, neighborhood, and more will be evaluated and considered when your position your home on the real estate market....

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Are Your Collectibles Worthless or Worth a Fortune?

Small objects can be great treasures. Sometimes these objects are saved for the precious memories, sometimes they are saved by the passion for a hobby. Collectible treasures have enormous sentimental value, but do they have any...

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Ready to Sell Your Home Fast?

If you’re hoping to sell your home fast, there are a variety of tips to follow. We’re sharing the top advice for how you can sell your home fast, plus why going with a real estate auction might be a good fit!

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Gun Auction Advice from the Pros

When you want to buy or sell firearms, a gun auction can help you liquidate your assets easily and result in getting top dollar for your guns. Learn more here.

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When It Is Time to Sell a Collection, Think Auction

There are all types of collectibles. Some people love the hunt of finding rare stamps and rare coins. Others prefer collecting art and books. Then you have collections of baseball cards, glassware, and other antiques. No matter what your niche might be, you’re...

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