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How an Auction Chant Works

When you go to an auction, it often sounds like the auction chant is its own sort of song. There’s a special rhythm to the speech that helps move the sales along, and since these events can’t last forever, it’s important that the auctioneer keep the bids moving. But do you know how the chant started? And do you know how it works? A Quick History on Auctioneering The history of the auctioneer extends as far back as the Roman Empire. It was common method to buy and sell various goods by increasing bids. The rhythmic chant used at livestock auctions though, is somewhat unique. It developed as a way to sell animals faster and to keep the process moving at a steady, rolling pace. Auctions might only last a few hours, but they sure sell a lot of stock! Today, we see auctions for all types of sales. You can sell a house, farm, or commercial real estate by auction. You can also use the auction method to liquidate personal property such as your furniture, cars, antiques, or other collectible items, like coins, stamps, and art. The possibilities are endless! How the Auctioneer Chant Works When you first hear the auctioneer chant, it can be difficult to understand what’s actually going on. But rest assured, there’s more happening than just a lot of fast talking. Perfecting that auctioneer chant can take many years, and it’s carefully stylized to get the best results for everyone at the auction. The auctioneer chant is designed with two parts in mind: the statement (the current bid) and the question (the next bid). So, an... read more

The Art of a Specialty Collection and Auctions

A specialty collection can be fun to build. Curate it in a specific manner to be able to trace provenance and establish value. When you want to sell your collection, we can help with a Specialty Auction aimed at specific buyers and group of collectors.

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What Is the Best Option for Selling Your Home Sweet Home?

With so many options and complexities in the real estate market, it can be difficult to determine which method of selling your home is best for your situation. Selling on contract, FSBO, Realtor™ listing, or selling on auction are some of the options to consider.

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A Consignment Auction Makes Downsizing or Combining Households Fast and Easy

There is enough stress when big life decisions have to be made to let fear drive the outcome. With the aging of the population, more and more adult children are in the situation where Mom or Dad are either downsizing into a smaller retirement home or are coming to live with one of the children. Or, there may be two well-established adults combining households. You know what that means, don’t you? There is lots of stuff and nowhere for it to go. Some of the items are treasured family heirlooms or the things that joggle fond memories. For instance, when his parents were moving, my husband wanted (more than anything) the scratched and dented cracker tin that held millions of saltines over the years. It held no monetary value, but was a treasure trove of memories of his family together eating soup. All those things aside, there are many items that are no longer needed or wanted. And when two households combine, there are duplicates of many, many items and pieces of furniture that just won’t fit into one house. The first decision in any of these scenarios is to get rid of stuff. That’s easy, but then the question becomes, “How?” That is where fear can alter the outcome and be costly. How to rid yourself of all the personal property that isn’t moving with your loved one It can be overwhelming to see all the full closets, drawers, and cabinets, can’t it? There are basically three options: Option No. 1 is to give it away. You can box and bag it all up and deliver it to... read more

The Smart Way to Go About Selling a Home

It’s always exciting to buy a new home! It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first house being purchased or the third, fourth, or even fifth. A new house is always full of new opportunities and future memory-making moments. That thrill is slightly tinged with nerves because, after all, a home is a big purchase. The real nerves come out, though, when the homeowner is selling a home at the same time. The goal when selling a home  You might think that the first thought for many sellers would be to “just get it sold.” LAWSON & CO. real estate professionals want to make that happen, but we also want to get the best price for the seller in a realistic period of time. Those elements in a sales transaction are always important, especially when the sellers are moving into a new home. The timing of both transactions is critical, and so is making sure that the current home is selling at a price that is in line with the financial requirements for the purchase of the new home. If “getting the house sold” is your first thought, modify that statement to include “at the best price in the needed timeframe” and everyone will walk away from the transaction happy. How to prepare for selling a home In order to get the best price in a timely manner, a house has to shine and show well. What exactly does that mean? A homeowner has to look at their home objectively. You’ve heard all the sayings and understand all the ideas about making a house a home, well, you want to... read more