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Find the Right Auction Partner For You

Considering An Estate Auction? Here are a few tips to help you find the right auction partner for you.  When it comes to estate auctions, finding the right auction partner is key to a successful and stress-free process. You want to work with someone who is...

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When It’s the Right Time to Sell Your Items at Auction

When and Why to Sell at Auction When it’s time to sell personal property, sellers have a couple of goals in mind. They want to be able to sell quickly. They also want to earn the most amount of money for their possessions. Antiques, real estate, household items,...

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Selling Your House in the Winter

Selling your house in the winter can seem like a bad idea, but the truth is that it may be the best season to get close to your asking price and showcase your home in an optimal setting. At LAWSON & CO., we know spring dominates the industry, but we also know...

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Pokémon! Catch Them and Sell Them!

Pokémon is an ongoing phenomenon that has been popular since 1996. For the most part, school-age children all over the world play and trade Pokémon cards from the back of school cafeterias, on school buses, in parks, and at home. However, for the serious collector,...

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