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When It Is Time to Sell a Collection, Think Auction

There are all types of collectibles. Some people love the hunt of finding rare stamps and rare coins. Others prefer collecting art and books. Then you have collections of baseball cards, glassware, and other antiques. No matter what your niche might be, you’re...

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Your Business Benefits with Commercial Equipment Auctions

We all have equipment that’s underused or served its purpose. From office furniture and filing cabinets to farming equipment, old restaurant tables, cash registers, and more, there are plenty of reasons to sell commercial supplies at auction. Items you’re done using...

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How an Auction Chant Works

When you go to an auction, it often sounds like the auction chant is its own sort of song. There’s a special rhythm to the speech that helps move the sales along, and since these events can’t last forever, it’s important that the auctioneer keep the bids moving. But...

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The Art of a Specialty Collection and Auctions

A specialty collection can be fun to build. Curate it in a specific manner to be able to trace provenance and establish value. When you want to sell your collection, we can help with a Specialty Auction aimed at specific buyers and group of collectors.

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What Is the Best Option for Selling Your Home Sweet Home?

With so many options and complexities in the real estate market, it can be difficult to determine which method of selling your home is best for your situation. Selling on contract, FSBO, Realtor™ listing, or selling on auction are some of the options to consider.

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