To many, coin collecting may seem like a boring and pointless hobby. The kind of thing that reminds you of your grandfather, who had an attic or basement full of miscellaneous hobby items that were off-limits. In reality, there are many good reasons to collect coins. Coin collecting is also called numismatics. You might find that coin collecting is more exciting than you imagined!

Coin Collecting Can Make You Money

Collecting coins can be fruitful! Coins gain value over time. If you decide coin collecting is no longer for you, you typically can sell your collection and get all of your investment back, if not more. Coin collecting is one collection that you do not have to worry about “losing your shirt” on.


Gold and silver are ever-increasing in value due to limited worldwide supply. The price of metal tends to rise regularly. Many collectors search for coins to add to their collection with only this consideration in mind.

There are many valuable coins that likely pass through your fingers quite regularly. Did you know that many American coins minted before 1965 had a 90% silver content? The value of silver in a pre-1965 quarter is nearly $4.00, not counting its other values as a collectable.

Coin Collecting is Educational

A lot can be learned about a culture and history from coins. Studying the coins and their backgrounds can lead to interesting information about history, politics, society, innovation, art and culture of an area at that time.

Special Series

Many have enjoyed collecting special series or sets of coins. For example, the state quarter campaign and the Presidential dollar campaign were both very popular with collectors to try to get them all. They were affordable and not too hard to come by, but also took some time and effort to find. These series can also be very educational in nature.


Coins are art. The luster and color are beautiful. The relief carving on the coins are artwork. Stamped coins can be valued according to the positioning and layout. Of course, as with any collector’s item, condition increases value. A flawless coin with a popular artwork on a beautiful metal can be quite valuable.

Coin Collecting is For Kids, Too

Coins and even paper money could easily no longer exist by the time our youngest children are adults. Coin collecting can be a fun hobby for kids as well. They can enjoy all of the benefits of coin collecting that adults can, and very likely, their coins collected today will be worth even more than the coins you collected as a young person. Find kid-focused resources for the budding numismatist on the U.S. Mint Kids site.


Searching for the most hard-to-find coins on the market can be a fun challenge. The challenge increases if you are looking to find the coin at a steal of a price! Anything can be found and bought for a price, but finding a great deal is not as easy. Coin collectors are modern day treasure hunters. If you are lucky enough to stumble on a real hidden treasure, you could be in for a real financial gain!


Working on a coin collection is a wonderful way to spend quiet time and immerse yourself in something beyond the troubles of the day. Hobbies are extremely important for stress relief. Sorting your coins, organizing them, displaying them, and gradin them are all peaceful ways to spend you relaxation time.

Coin collectors have been around since before the Roman Empire, and do not look to be dying off in the near future. An auction is a great place to look and find great coins. Give us a call at 317-745-6404 or visit us at LAWSON & CO to find out when our next auction may be and if there could be coins available. We can also help you sell your coins!

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