We all have equipment that’s underused or served its purpose. From office furniture and filing cabinets to farming equipment, old restaurant tables, cash registers, and more, there are plenty of reasons to sell commercial supplies at auction. Items you’re done using or have found suitable replacements for can be a great investment for other companies starting out or making a switch. Is it time to turn your old gear into cash?

Auctioning Your Old Equipment

If you’re relocating to a new site, you mind find it’s good timing to reconsider what you actually need at the next address. Is it time to invest in new equipment? Then you might need some extra cash to make those purchases. Auctioning can be a great way to get top dollar for your commercial equipment.

On the other hand, you might be closing up shop altogether. That’s another good reason to set up an auction. You can clear house and then have a nice payout for all of the assets you’ve collected over the years.

Whether you’re in the restaurant industry, running an auto body shop, or have an assortment of farming equipment in your company name, a trusted auction company can help you find eager buyers for your gear. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so that old adage really does hold true: What’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Given the opportunity, buyers are sure to want to have a look at your inventory and make an offer.

Why Buyers Love Commercial Equipment Auctions

Attending a commercial auction is a smart move for many business owners because they can get great equipment at a discounted rate. Just because certain items are used, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t in good working condition. Buyers are auctions understand the value of gear in their industry. They’ll usually jump at the chance to save a few bucks by buying at auction. That’s how the magic of the bidding war starts up.

Buyers really benefit from going to auctions because they can usually get an up-close look at the items before they bid and buy. That’s not always the case with new investments. Buying company equipment online doesn’t have those same guarantees.

What’s more, buyers often appreciate that they can take their newly purchased equipment with them as soon as possible. Once payment is received in full, they’re good to go. That means they can come to your auction and leave that day with the new gear for their own operation.

Plan Your Auction with LAWSON & CO.

Once you have an idea of the equipment that’s no longer benefiting your business, you can start thinking about who you’d like to manage your auction. If you’re located in Indiana, our team at LAWSON & CO. would be happy to help you out.

Commercial equipment auctions share some similarities with personal property auctions, but they also have their own stark differences. These auctions can often be much larger and include expensive equipment (just think of a backhoe or a commercial kitchen range). That’s why it’s so important to go with an auction company that has experience on their side.

To learn more about our process, just send us a message. We’re always happy to answer questions about selling commercial equipment. Let us be a resource!