Stamp collections are the property of mostly serious people who assess the monetary value of their collections based on a set of criteria. Notably, the most common criteria to judge the value of a stamp collection is how rare are the pieces are as well as what condition are they in.

As a stamp collector builds his collection, there are a few aspects that make it more valuable. For instance, choosing to focus on a theme increases the value of your collection. In general, buyers are more interested in purchasing stamps that are a part of themed collection. Additionally, how much you’re willing to invest in your collection can dictate how much your collection ultimately is worth. Indeed, a larger budget often means a more valuable collection.

Types of Collectible Stamps

  • Definitive – Definitive stamps are often printed in large quantities and sometimes reused. In size, they’re usually about one square inch. These are intended for everyday use and are the most common stamps.
  • Commemorative – Commemorative stamps are often printed once to honor or celebrate a person or event. These are typically larger in size and often more colorful and appealing to the eye.
  • Special – Special stamps celebrate specific holidays or themes. They are usually only available for purchase for a limited time.

Stamp Collections Are Easy to Start

There are approximately ten thousand stamps issued around the world each year. If your goal is to own one of every stamp, that’s going to be quite the feat! Instead, if you want to build a valuable stamp collection, you’ll need to identify your focus and your sources. For example, focus your collection on regions or origin, eras, or themes. With this in mind, purchase stamps from post offices, from antique sources, auctions, or other collectors.

The condition of stamps is very important and greatly affects their value. For instance, it’s important that you store them properly so you don’t compromise the quality. As a matter of fact, many collectors use a binder with sleeve protectors to preserve their stamps. Use tweezers to carefully handle stamps without damaging them.

What Stamps are Most Valuable?

In the US, the following stamps are worth the most money:

  1. The Inverted Jenny
  2. 1847 Issue Block of 16 of Ben Franklin
  3. Almanac Stamp of 1765 or 1766
  4. ‘Blue Boy’ Alexandria Postmaster’s Provisional
  5. 1869 Pictorials—Inverted Center Errors
  6. Two-Cent Blue Hawaiian Missionary
  7. 1860 Stolen Pony Cover
  8. Pan American Inverts

To assess the value of a stamp or any of your stamp collections, arrange an appraisal with a trusted source. In addition, to grow your collection, make sure to check out our auctions and available items.

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