Are you looking to start a collection, or fine-tine what you’ve started?  Check out these helpful tips to create value. Items deemed worth collecting hold value of some sort. Some items are valuable due the monetary value. Others have sentimental or nostalgic value. Trends change and items of interest do fluctuate over time. There are some collectibles that seem to have held collectors’ interests as well as value over time. If you’re already a collector or looking to start collecting, it’s important to be aware of these. Some items you’re going to want to make sure you never purge. And if you’re just getting started, you’ll want to have an eye out for these items. 

Collectors want to stick to a theme with their choices.

Otherwise, you could end up with too many items and not enough storage. Having a theme also helps you consider where you want to spend your time and budget. This list can help you refine your collecting choices. 

Look for Timeless Collectibles

Stamps:  Stamps have stood the test of time for collectors. Depending on their status, condition, and rarity, stamps continue to hold their value. They’re still a very valuable item to collect. When at an auction, be sure to keep an eye out for any rare stamps. There are stamps to celebrate and represent many occasions, people, and places. Commemorative stamps can be excellent items to add to your collection. Understanding stamp values is important If you’re paring down your collection as well. If you’re getting rid of stamps, make sure you properly understand their value. They may make you some money! 

Fine Arts and Jewelry:  Fine art and jewelry are often rare and unique. They can be valuable depending on the creator of the items. Jewelry can have both monetary and sentimental worth. They’re often made of precious stones and metals. They are also often used as family heirlooms. Jewelry and arts are always items to watch when attending an auction or sale

Coins and Currency:  Coins and currency can have a much higher value as a collectors’ item. There have been many changes over time in how money is made. There are commemorative coins that may have high-dollar values. Some coins are valuable due to their components, some being gold or silver. Vintage paper currency, depending on its condition, can be valuable. If you are a collector of money, but sure to store items carefully to preserve their worth. 

Vintage Toys: When collecting antique toys, pay attention to the brand, condition, and popularity. There are several exclusive, special edition dolls from Barbie and other brands that are valuable. Action figures may be valuable depending on these factors. 

Antique Furniture: Antique furniture can be appreciated as-is or repurposed in a modern way. Many pieces of antique furniture are of higher quality materials than today’s furniture. Examine the structure of antique furniture to help determine its worth. Pay attention to artistic details as well that make the piece unique. 

Items That Celebrate People, Stories, and Music Promote Nostalgia

Trading Cards:  There are many different genres of trading cards. They range from sports to gaming cards. It’s very important to keep all cards in great condition for them to retain their value. Rarity is also essential in trading card value. 

Comic Books: Comic books hold a lot of nostalgia for collectors. When looking to add to your comic book collection, keep an eye out for conditions. Pages and covers need to remain undamaged to retain value. Research comic books that don’t have very many copies released. These will be the most valuable to your collection.  

Vinyl Records: Records are largely considered to be vintage. However, they’re still being played and enjoyed today. For both functionality and nostalgia, records are still popularly collected. Look for rare records from timeless artists for the best monetary value. 

Whatever you collect, it’s important to be aware of the worth of items. This will help you determine what to buy and how to properly care for them. Keep an eye out for auctions to grow your collection. Turn to the professionals at Lawson & Co. for help or further information.