For most people, the home and the land it sits on is the single largest investment they will ever make. They select a home and sign contracts agreeing to long-term debt lasting for as many as 30 years. That means the value of the property is an important part of every decision going forward because big decisions are often financial decisions, too. And those big decisions come with big questions:

  • What is the value of this asset?
  • Can we afford more (or bigger) payments?
  • Can we use this asset as a source of funds?
  • What kind of equity do we have?

There is only one way to get answers to those questions and made a decision, and that is to know the value of your real estate. To get that is not as difficult as you might think. All it takes is an appraisal.

In what situations would a real estate appraisal be needed?

When and why would it be important to know the value of your home and property? Usually it is at the same time that some very major decisions are being made in your life, which can be very emotional and stressful. In order to make good, sound decisions, you must have accurate information on which to base those decisions. That’s when an appraisal is an important part of your collection of data. For example:

Selling and Moving – This could be in connection with a relocation due to a new job, a need for a larger (or smaller) residence, concern over an aging family member, or simply a desire to live in a different neighborhood or town. Those decisions might begin in your heart, but the financial aspect of making a sale and purchase manageable relies heavily on the value of the property you have to sell.

Divorce – Emotions run high during such a life-changing event and having accurate values of property to make decisions has long-term implications. Here at LAWSON & CO. we have worked with many attorneys to help value real estate for their clients.

Financing and Bankruptcy – Whether you are getting additional financing for another major purchase or filing for bankruptcy because of financial difficulties, the value of the real estate property you own is a critical piece of the puzzle to determine the final outcome.

Estate Planning – A home and real estate are often the largest asset a person possesses. That means that the value of that asset is important when estate planning. This includes how the asset will be held legally. Is a trust appropriate for you and your heirs? An estate planner can help you make those decisions, but the value of the property is an important factor.

Tax Appeal – Taxes are one of those things property owners keep under watch. Property taxes are determined through a complex formula county by county in Indiana. And there are different values given for property such as appraised value, fair market value, and tax value. How do you know if the assessment you are paying is accurate? One critical element is the real value of the property. Knowing that can give you the data you need to appeal a real estate tax bill.

Since the 1960s, LAWSON & CO. has been providing a wide array of real estate and property services from its Danville, Indiana location. There are many people who think of auctions when they think of LAWSON & CO. That’s for a good reason, because we are tops in real estate auctions and personal property valuation and sales in the Central Indiana area.

However, our real estate services are much more comprehensive, including those of a full-service real estate company, including real estate appraisals. While the above refers mostly to residential type properties, LAWSON & CO. can also appraise commercial property, farms, and open land professionally and accurately. We have several experienced, certified real estate appraisers on staff at LAWSON & CO. Contact us via our website or by phone at 317-745-6404 to find out more.

Don’t make important decisions based on guesses or wishes. Make them based on accurate valuations provided by professionals with years of expertise. In the end, it always serves you well – whatever the decision.