There are all types of collectibles. Some people love the hunt of finding rare stamps and rare coins. Others prefer collecting art and books. Then you have collections of baseball cards, glassware, and other antiques. No matter what your niche might be, you’re probably familiar with the auction process for buying items. But what about when you want to sell a collection?


Auctions can be a fantastic tool whenever you want to part ways with your collection. You can also turn to auctions when you need to sell a collection from an estate. If your collectibles are ready for a new home, a great place to start is at the LAWSON & CO auction house in Danville, Indiana.


Besides our years and years of experience in running auctions, and having a facility to house regular auctions, there are a few other reasons, or at least three, you should consider us when you decide to sell a collection.


First, auctions let you sell a collection in one swoop


By some counts, there are about many different ways to sell a collection. But auctions have a unique appeal. That’s because they give you the opportunity to sell a collection in one fell swoop. After you arrange the upfront details, you can sit back and relax. The auction house will run the sale for you. The process can happen fairly quickly. Then you’ll be able to enjoy your payouts on whatever you’d like.


Second, auctions are exciting for buyers – and sellers


Both buyers and sellers enjoy the buzz and excitement of an auction. It’s a great venue for finding rare and collectible items, and it helps those who want to sell a collection in an effective fashion. Some say, however, that the odds are stacked for sellers in these setups. If you feel that’s the case as well, then why wouldn’t you look to sell a collection at auction?


Third, auctions attract serious buyers


When you have an emotional connection with your collection, it’s understandable that you want your items to go to someone who will care for them—just as you have over the years. Once again, an auction can be a wonderful option. Because these events attract all kinds of buyers, you can almost guarantee that you’ll have someone serious about your collection’s value. This will help you get top dollar for your hard work building your collection, and it can help to know that even though you’re looking to sell a collection, it might go on to become part of an even bigger and better one!


It doesn’t really matter how large or small your collection might be. Choosing to sell a collection at auction can be a great choice, and we at LAWSON & CO. would be happy to work with you. We have experience with individual collections as well as estate collections for families, so your items will be in good hands.


To learn more about the auction process on the seller’s end, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can always send us a message for more information. Then we can answer your questions about your unique collection in more detail.