Being a true collector means you may also have celebrity collectibles. Whether it is that Lucille Ball salt and pepper set or that Lone Ranger lunch box, it all has value. You may even have collections of even higher assets such as an original Beatles album, signed NBA basketball or Air Jordans from Michael Jordan himself. If you are on the hunt for celebrity memorabilia, here is what you should be looking for the following—the rarity of the items, condition and desirability. Also, you need to check their authenticity.

In the looking at the rarity of the items, see how many of those specific pieces of celebrity memorabilia is available. If an item is rare, it will be more valuable. For example, a signed album from John Lennon may be rare to find. It is valuable because it is hard to get that item again or replicate it. Another thing you need to look at is the condition. In general, it helps for collectibles to be in mint condition. This means they aren’t taken out of the package and are “as new”. The final item is desirability, you look at what is trendy right now. That Justin Bieber vest he wore in concert may be more valuable than one a more unknown or older artist wore. Authenticity is also very important, when you buy a celebrity item, you need to get important information from the seller. They need to know the history behind the item, the type of edition it is, and if it has original dates and trademarks.

Now that you are really ready to find that original leather jacket worn by the Fonz in the iconic TV show Happy Days; you may now wonder where you can find these treasures. Unlike the Fonz himself, you can’t just snap your fingers and have that perfect celebrity item or collection appear. Here are some great places to scout out for your own celebrity collectibles and memorabilia:


The Internet


The internet in general is a great place to start. There are lots of specialty sites to research and you might even find something on a site like eBay. Navigate around the Internet to see what is trending in celebrity collectibles and memorabilia.

Auction Websites


Look for reputable auction websites and look for what you are looking for in your collection. Auction websites can be pricey do be aware.

Conventions are great for celebrity collectibles


Conventions are some of the best places to find celebrity collectibles and memorabilia. Look at what is happening around your town and make a visit for that convention.

Just how much does that pair of ruby red shoes from The Wizard of Oz or those skin-tight leather pants that drove Travolta wild in the movie Grease? You probably wouldn’t be too surprised that these high-ticket items go for big bucks. The ruby red shoes from The Wizard of Oz sold for 6 million dollars by auction site Moments in Time. Those tight pants worn by Sandy turned cool kid by the end of Grease sold for a whooping $163,00 from Sara Blakely who is the founder of Spanx.

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