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Golf is a great sport and hobby. It’s a great source of exercise, it allows you to spend more time outdoors, and allows you to spend time with friends and make new ones. If you’re buying a new set of clubs, whether it’s your first or a replacement, it’s worthwhile to consider purchasing them at auction. Buying used clubs is a great way to save a little money while enjoying your hobby. However, it’s very important to carefully choose your used clubs. You should consider several factors while looking to purchase used golf clubs.

What to Consider When Buying Used Golf Clubs


Consider where you’re getting the clubs. If retail, do you know the seller is reliable? If at auction, do you know what to look for before you make a bid or purchase? Can you assess the condition and tell if they are the right size for you?  If you answered yes to these questions, the golf clubs you’re looking at may be a good option. If you’re considering a super cheap set that look good on an online posting, you may want to pass. Used golf clubs can be found and purchased for a great deal at auctions. Look at our calendar— we provide a listing of many of the items to be auctioned and there is time before the auction to take a close look.


If you’re looking for used golf clubs to save a little money, make sure you don’t spend what you save in maintenance! Are the clubs you are considering going to need lots of maintenance? Do the grips need to be replaced? Don’t be deterred if your clubs need a little attention. Just be sure that there are still savings in comparison with buying new. For sure, a set of clubs that has not been cared for is not ideal on the course, especially for the new golfer.


First, does the price align with what the clubs should be worth? Don’t be fooled by thinking a low price means a good deal. Think about what you learn from the pros, magazines, and friends about brands and types of clubs. Consider all aspects of the clubs before you make a decision.


Keep in mind each club endures different wear depending on how it is used. For example, a wedge gets more wear than a putter. That’s not to say you shouldn’t buy a wedge from auction. You’ll just need to pay careful attention to the condition and age of the wedge. Putters are less likely to sustain wear and damage quickly, so a gently-used new putter may be a smart purchase.


Choosing clubs that fit you best are important to your golf game. If you choose something that is not the right size for your build and style, you’ll likely be looking for another set soon. Make sure you know the specifications of the clubs you’re looking to purchase. It’s important that you know what your needs are. Don’t guess–make sure you are accurate. If a club is just a half inch off in size for you, your performance on the course.

If you’re looking to purchase used golf clubs, it’s important to use your resources. Make sure you talk with a professional about your golfing needs. Visit a golf course and talk with your golfing buddies. Get to know name brands and the best on the market. Do some research. Make sure your investment is a smart one so you can relax and focus on your game!

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