It’s always exciting to buy a new home! It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first house being purchased or the third, fourth, or even fifth. A new house is always full of new opportunities and future memory-making moments. That thrill is slightly tinged with nerves because, after all, a home is a big purchase. The real nerves come out, though, when the homeowner is selling a home at the same time.

The goal when selling a home

 You might think that the first thought for many sellers would be to “just get it sold.” LAWSON & CO. real estate professionals want to make that happen, but we also want to get the best price for the seller in a realistic period of time. Those elements in a sales transaction are always important, especially when the sellers are moving into a new home. The timing of both transactions is critical, and so is making sure that the current home is selling at a price that is in line with the financial requirements for the purchase of the new home.

If “getting the house sold” is your first thought, modify that statement to include “at the best price in the needed timeframe” and everyone will walk away from the transaction happy.

How to prepare for selling a home

In order to get the best price in a timely manner, a house has to shine and show well. What exactly does that mean? A homeowner has to look at their home objectively. You’ve heard all the sayings and understand all the ideas about making a house a home, well, you want to reverse that. You want your property to be inviting and comfortable, but less like a home you “live in” and more like an attractive house. In other words, moving from the subjective to the objective. You want to give the potential buyers room to imagine themselves moving all their personal stuff in and making this house their home.

To do that, you will need to do 3 things:

 Clean and declutter

  • This is the opportunity to not just eliminate clutter, organize closets, cabinets, and drawers, but to simplify décor and depersonalize each and every room. Remove personal photographs and the collection of bear figurines or model boats. Clear desks and secure any personal papers or documents safely away.
  • Remove large, bulky, or excess furniture that impedes the flow in and between rooms. At the same time, be sure that each room has a designated purpose. If you use the dining room as an office, make it appear to be an office.
  • After surfaces are cleared and floor space opened, do a deep clean. You want everything to shine and smell fresh. Present a luxurious spa feel in the bathroom by first closing the toilet and then adding fluffy, clean towels and (unlit) scented candles. Accentuate plentiful work space in the kitchen with an empty sink and drainer and clear counters.

Make DIY repairs

  • Especially in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms make sure there are no plumbing leaks, running toilets, malfunctioning fixtures or drains. Check caulking and grouting to make sure it is secure and fresh.
    • Look around each room for any wall repairs needed and take care of them. Be sure that door handles and window latches are operable. Replace or repair any window screens, screen doors, or knobs.
    • Check light fixtures and repair as needed. Replace burned out light bulbs.
    • Loud or bright paint colors might need to be replaced with more neutral tones.

Perk up curb appeal

  • Pick up any garbage, papers, or bags that have blown into the yard and flower beds. Check behind bushes and in flower beds. Depersonalize by removing any excess garden art.
  • Trim bushes and tidy up garden beds. Add mulch and flowers as the season allows.
  • Repair any exterior trim, shutters, gutters, and downspouts. Clean up outdoor lamps and replace any burned out bulbs.
  • Dress up the appearance with flower pots and a new welcome mat. Make sure that street numbers are neat and visible.

Get professional help – early!

With the proliferation of home improvement shows on TV, some sellers might feel that they have to make major improvements before selling a home. At LAWSON & CO., we know the local market and what buyers and sellers expect in property transactions.

We also know if listing and selling your house is the best way to sell your home. It might be that a real estate auction might better serve your needs. Whichever process you decide to choose, one thing is for sure, you want your property to present its best side and you want your efforts to be most effective.

When you are making preparations for selling a home, call LAWSON & CO. at 317-745-6404. It is in your best interest to talk to a real estate professional early to get their objective opinion about your house. We can help you decide what will help you get the best price for the house in the best timeframe. We will help you compile a to-do list so your efforts are focused and productive.