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Storage auction finds can be both: a source of hidden treasures or a hidden bombshell! The art of finding good storage auction finds depends on the auction company. These auctions are the result of a storage unit that has been abandoned or has been seized due to non-payment of rent. When this happens self-storage management can schedule an auction to clear out the space. An auctioneer comes in and the items are auctioned to the highest bidder. LAWSON & CO does not hold storage unit auctions.

Great Storage Auction Finds

From pirate’s gold and unreleased Michael Jackson music to severed limbs—here are some of the best and worst storage unit finds:

  • Auction winners of storage unit contents have reported they have seen a winner of an auction bring home $500, 000 in gold doubloons, which are historic Spanish coins, and a few silver and gold bars. The winner paid $1,100 for it.
  • There was also a reported a find of presidential proportions in a storage unit in Virginia. The new owner came away with Civil war letters, letters signed by presidents, and Harry Truman’s cane!
  • In Joe Jackson’s (Michael Jackson’s father) storage unit more than 250 unreleased recorded songs were discovered. Some of these songs were recorded with Tina Turner. That in itself is solid gold! Some other treasures include rare and vintage cars.
  • Contents of a storage unit won in California opened up to $7.5 million in cash. When the original owners found out about the cash, they went to court, eventually settling the dispute. The auction winner walked away with $1.2 million.

Odd and Unusual Storage Auction Finds

Some rather scary and strange items are discovered in storage units as well. You could be surprised – or appalled if you found any of these things:

  • One storage auction winner reported a grenade discovered in the contents of a unit. Luckily, the grenade was successfully deactivated at a local National Guard Armory.
  • On the other hand, one couple was disappointed to find that a tote bag supposedly filled with guns was just full of water bottles.
  • An auction winner in North Carolina was excited to win a BBQ smoker in the contents of the unit. Imagine the surprise when the smoker was opened to reveal an amputated leg! That was definitely not on the menu he had in mind. The leg belonged to a South Carolina man who was a plane crash survivor in 2004. He was storing it in the rental unit because he wanted to be buried with his leg.

These rare but odd and unusual storage unit items might make you think twice about ever going to a storage unit auction.

Opt for Personal Property Auctions Instead

When we hold personal property and consignment auctions at the LAWSON & CO gallery in Danville, Indiana, every bidder has the chance to see exactly what they are bidding on before the auction. You can inspect every item so there are no surprises – or disappointments.

You will find that LAWSON & CO auctions occur on a regular basis at the gallery. Watch the calendar on the websitefor dates and a listing of what will be sold There will be other auctions, too like real estate, land, estate, and downsized belongings. They are often held onsite. Yes, owners can let LAWSON & CO bring everything for the auction right to them. We make it easy – for buyers and for sellers.

If you wonder about selling at auction, give us a call for all the details at 317-745-6404. Auctions are always fun and profitable, too.

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