If you’ve ever tried clearing out clutter, you may have found some long-lost treasure. Have you found a box with old knick-knacks in your attic? Have you received an inheritance that includes antique or collectible items? Maybe you’ve kept something special from your childhood, and now you can’t find a use for it? To someone these items may be collectibles

Any of these things may have hidden value that could make it worth a lot of money at auction.

How Rare is the Item?


Rarity is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in determining the value of a collector’s item. An object is exceptional if there are only a few available, and it’s even better if it’s completely unique. For example, a Hummel figurine of which only 2000 units were manufactured, or the last bottle of vintage wine.

If there is a lot of something available, collectors won’t pay as much in general, compared to unusual or unique items. Let Lawson & Co. do some research to find out if your keepsake was a limited edition or one-of-a-kind when it was released. Or, perhaps, there is something unusual about its design, style, or features. Remember, if not many people have one, many people will want it!


How Old is the Item?


Often, the older the item is, the more likely it is to be valuable. Gadgets, electronics, and other collectibles tend to take damage over time. So, if you have an antique object that it’s exceptional working condition, you might have the very last one.

Dating your collectible items can be challenging if you don’t know its origin. Look for brand names, texts or inscriptions on the piece, and try to find out when it was manufactured. Even if you can’t find the exact date of manufacture, knowing the approximate decade or century can also offer a good idea of its history, which is what attracts collectors so much. When you don’t have time to dig into intense research, though, call us for some help.


What Shape is the Item in?


What kind of shape is the collectible item in right now? How well it has stood the test of time is an essential factor in defining its value. For example, if you see things like rust, discoloration, corrosion, scratches, or other damage that has affected the object, the condition of the item may worsen even further.

A piece in excellent condition will, of course, have a higher value than a piece comparable to it but in poor condition. Your item might be extra valuable if it’s new with its box or with its labels still intact.


What is the Brand or Manufacturer of Your Collectibles?


It’s common for many kinds of collectibles that are certain brands or from specific manufacturers to hold more interest than others. Sometimes it’s because a particular company or creator no longer exists and, therefore, there is a limited quantity of its products. It’s often because a certain brand or person is famous for manufacturing reliable, exceptional, and high-quality products or handmade products.

If you can, look at the label, packaging, or base of the object to see if you can identify the name of a creator or the brand of a manufacturer. Then you can investigate to see if the name can add value to your object.

One final tip: Don’t throw anything away until you meet with us. What you may consider trash could be another man’s treasure. Call us anytime at 317-745-6404.

We investigate all key pieces in your home to maximize profits for you. From comics to glassware and jewelry to toys, Lawson & Co. has the necessary experience and contacts at our disposal. With our network of specialists, we ensure that we have the resources to obtain accurate information on the market price of almost anything you have.

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