July 11, 2020 @ 10:00 am
Lawson Auction Gallery
1280 E Main St
Danville, IN 46122
FIREARMS - AMMUNITION - KNIVES - FISHING EQUIPMENT @ Lawson Auction Gallery | Danville | Indiana | United States



Lawson Auction Gallery

1280 East Main Street

Danville, Indiana


SATURDAY – JULY 11TH – 10:00 A.M.


Preview: Friday, July 10th, 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


LAWSON & CO. will require & give instructions on
social distancing during the auction. 

Face masks will be provided.



Over 125 firearms to include revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, lever action rifles, bolt action rifles, slide action rifles, semi-automatic rifles, slide action shot guns, side-by-side shotguns, over/under shotguns, & semi-automatic shotguns, plus magazines, scopes and more.  For a complete list of the firearms & photos, please visit our website at www.lawsonandco.com.  Firearms will be sold live and on www.hibid.com. 

Revolvers and semi-automatic pistols to include: Springfield XD 45 ACP; Sig Saur Equinox 220 45 ACP; Ruger Mark II; Smith & Wesson Compact Tactical 40 S&W; Berreta Nano 9MM, Colt Defender Plus Series 90, 45 Auto; Diamondback Firearms Model DB380; Colt Series 80 Mustang Plus II, 380 Auto; Glock Models 19, 20, 21, 24, 29, 32, 34, 36, 37, 43 in various calibers; Taurus PT 101 AFS, 40 S&W; Walther P22; CZ Model 40, 40 S&W; Kahr Arms P45; Kel-Tec Model P3AT, 380 Cal; L.W. Seecamp Model LWS32, 32 cal; North American Arms Guardian, 32 ACP; Colt Combat Commander, 45 ACP; Magnum Research, Magnum BFR, 454 Casuul; Colt M1991A1 Compact Model, 45 ACP; High-Point Firearms Model CF380; Para-Tac-Four Model 45LDA; Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Compact 45 ACP; Beretta 5.35 (32 cal), dated 1953; Browning “Baby Browning, 9MM Kurtz; Para LDA Carry Model, 45 ACP, plus many more.

Semi-Automatic Rifles to include:  Two (2) Springfield Armory M1 Grand’s, 30-06 cal; Two (2) Springfield Armory M16, 308 cal; SKS 7.62×39 cal; Ruger Mini 14, .223 cal; British Infield Mark II; Bushmaster AR-15, Model XM15-E2S, .223-5.56 cal.

Lever Action, Bolt Action, & Slide Action Rifles to include: Winchester Model 1906 slide action 22 cal; Weather Vanguard Bolt Action 300 WBY Mag cal; Browning Breakdown 22 rimfire semi-auto; Two (2) Winchester Model 94AE, 45 Colt lever action rifles (one large loop); Winchester Model 70 Lightweight .243 Win cal. Bolt action.

Slide action shot guns, side-by-side shotguns, over/under shotguns, & semi-automatic shotguns to include:  Browning Lightning Over/Under 12 gauge; Remington 1100, 12 gauge semi-automatic; Browning Gold Hunter, 20 Gauge semi-automatic; Winchester Model 1300 Defender, 12 gauge, slide action; Mossberg Model 500A, 12 gauge, slide action; Browning Arms Model SPS Deer Special, 12 gauge, slide action; Rossi side-by-side 20 gauge; Mossberg Model 500E, 410 gauge, slide action; KBI Inc. side-by-side, 12 gauge; IZH-43 Russian made, side-by-side, 12 gauge.

Magazines & Scopes to include:  Approx 50 Glock magazines of various calibers; Bushmaster .233 caliber magazines; M16 magazines; Scopes to include Tasco, Leapers, Leupold & Bushnell.



Large amount of ammunition to include – caliber: .223, 9mm, 22, 40 (new & reloads), 357, 7.62×51, 22-250, .338, 30-06, 243, 7.62×39, 45, 380, 5.56, 25, .44, 17, 10mm, 32, 38, .300, 45 colt, 303.  Gauge: 20, 410, 12.  Ammo boxes; pistol cases; hard & soft long gun protectors; gun slings; binoculars; gages; pistol holsters; gun cleaning supplies; several magazines of various calibers



Approximately 200 utility, fighting, military, pocket knives & swords to consist of: KA-BAR USMC #9109 Pearl Harbor full size (7”) commemorative fighting/utility knife w/straight edge, leather sheath; KA-BAR USMC #1217 straight edge (7”) leather sheath; Frost Cutlery (Undertaker Bowie) straight edge & serrated edge (9”) blade, plus knuckles, leather sheath; Fury #65576 – 6 ½” commemorative knife w/case; Leatherman; Browning; Winchester; Old Timer; Schrade; ceremonial swords


A large selection of fishing equipment to be offered at auction.  There is something for everyone from the occasional to the tournament fisherman. Antique lures for the beginner to the serious collector.  The majority of the fishing equipment is from Jack Leslie’s collection.  Jack is the 29th member of the “National Fishing Lure Collectors Club”.  The balance of the fishing equipment is from the Edgar Cooney Estate. 

Antiques to include Heddon King bassers, SOS’s, deep-o-divers, meadow mouse & crazy crawlers.  C.C.B.C. piberzs, inured minnows & dingbats.  Paw Paw, South Bend, Pflyeger, antique casting spoons & many, many more wooden lures.  A large lot of rods & reels to includes. Croix, Fenwick, Lews, Okuma, Abu Garcia, Ugle Stick, Johny Morris, Browning, Remington, large bamboo spinning rod & any more.  1000’s of vintage & modern plastic lures to include Rapala, South Bend, Rebel, Heddon, Fred Abergast, Jitter Bugs, Zara Spooks, River Runts, Torpedos, Hula Popper & Bayley.  Boxes & flats full of soft plastics, hooks, sinkers, jigheads, fishing line, spinners, buzz baits & a large amount of miscellaneous fishing equipment.  Several tackle boxes from metal to old pal, plano, guide series, soft sided tackle bags and a well-made wooded tackle box.  Metal minnow buckets, plastic flow trolls, vintage trolling motor & landing net.  Lures still new in the package, fly fishing equipment, left hand Abu Garcia Ambassador reel; reels to include Abu Garcia Ambassador 6000C, 5000, 6500C, 5000D, 5001C LH, 5500C, 5500D.  Old Pal Bass box, tackle box, vintage lures to include Paw Paw, C.C.B.C., Heddon South Bend. Many hidden treasures still to be found in the countless boxes of fishing gear.

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Auctioneers Note:  All items sell ABSOLUTE, regardless of price.  10% Buyer’s Premium for on-floor bidders.  15% Buyer’s Premium for Hi Bid bidders.  There will be two auction rings starting at 10:00 a.m.  Bring a friend so you don’t miss a bargain.


Owners: Daniel J. LaMar Estate, Jack Leslie, Ed Cooney Estate & Several Consignors



Auctioneers and Real Estate Professionals

Jack A. Lawson AU01000629 – Brandon K. Lawson AU19300138 – JR Webb AU11100005


(317)745-6404 · FAX (317) 745-7810