There is just something nostalgic about cookie jars.  Whether it is the fun shapes and sizes they come in or the sweet memories they bring; collecting cookie jars can be fun and satisfy your sense of whimsey.

How can you become a savvy cookie jar collector?  Did you know that cookie jars actually have a rich history and have been in American kitchens for more than one hundred years and were the most popular from World War II to the 1970’s.  Many people collect cookie jars to reminisce about their childhoods—a simpler time where homemade chocolate chip cookies or grandma’s oatmeal cookie were often readily available with a cold glass of milk.

Many collectors find it hard to limit their cookie jar collections.  Like a warm chocolate chip cookie, sometimes there can be “too much of a good thing”.  Here are some tips on how to tailor your cookie jar collection and set guidelines on what type of cookie jar you want to collect:

  1. Collect cookie jars based on a theme such as animals, Disney characters or foods
  2. Limiting the collection by manufacturer such as Hull, McCoy or Treasure Craft
  3. Collecting only cookie jars from certain years such as the 1960-70s
  4. Collecting pieces from a specific country or area such as cookie jarsmade in Japan or those made in the eastern area of the United States
  5. Limiting your cookie jar collection to a certain color or group of colors

Once you set guideline on your cookie jar collection, you may wonder where some great places are to browse and buy your collectible cookie jar.   Becoming a good collector requires research and effort to reap “sweet reward.”  Some places to find that perfectly pink or vintage 1960’s cookie jar can be online and in person, great places to find collectible cookie jars include—

  • Thrift stores
  • Auctions
  • Antique and collectible shops
  • Estate sales
  • Consignment stores
  • Flea Markets
  • Garage Sales

Some online places to find collectible cookie jars include:

Once you find your prized cookie jars—check these resources out to find more information on their value and history:

The only caveat to collecting cookie jars, is to watch out for reproductions of cookie jars.  Reproduced cookie jars are the raisins in those “authentic” chocolate chip cookies.  You want to be aware to make sure you have the actual cookie jar.   Antique Trader Guide to Fakes & Reproductions by Mark Chervenka offers excellent information and tips on learning how to spot pieces that are not authentic. There are also many informative articles online, in price guides and on websites about specific pottery manufacturers.


One of the key resources for determining the value of antique and collectible cookie jars is having a current cookie jar price and identification guide. In addition to listing the current market price range, most reliable guides also provide valuable information that includes:

  • Descriptions and dimensions of specific cookie jars
  • Information on spotting reproductions and fakes
  • Maker’s marks
  • Historical information on manufacturers and designers


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