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7 Things to Know About Selling Your Stuff through Consignment with an Auction House

Many people are familiar with the words “at auction,” especially if they have collectibles or watch Antiques Roadshow. That being said, most people don’t know what that really means. If you have something you want to sell, how exactly do you get it “to auction”? You might be surprised that LAWSON & CO. has been auctioning collectibles, estates, real estate, business equipment, and more since 1964 – that’s more than 5 decades! Located in Danville, Indiana, LAWSON & CO., people come from many miles away to attend auctions either in the Danville auction house or at onsite auctions. There are several ways to sell something at auction, but for this article, we want to talk about selling personal property on consignment. What that means, essentially, is that the auction house sells the item or property for the owner. There are fees for that service, but with LAWSON & CO., the item is advertised and marketed on behalf of the owner. Here are 7 other bits of information about selling on consignment to know if you are considering selling a collection, a property, or other goods: Auction houses are known for the quality and quantity of goods at their auctions. They are always looking for consignments that will attract buyers and are desirable. Professional auctioneers will avoid “junk” when they sell household goods. You might find items for daily use at an estate sale, but there is a difference between practical household goods and junk. Some auction houses specialize in specific kinds of auctions. Others, like LAWSON & CO., have a variety of specialized themed auctions including guns, coins, or... read more