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Small objects can be great treasures. Sometimes these objects are saved for the precious memories, sometimes they are saved by the passion for a hobby. Collectibles and treasures have enormous sentimental value, but do they have any actual monetary value?

Little by little, you’ve curated a unique collection that involves emotional satisfaction, but it can also have an economic impact. Selling your items at auction can make you a surprising amount of cash.

Why The Value of Collectibles and Antiques Change

The sale of antiques and collectibles is an important business. You can buy (and sell) antiques at auctions, shops, fairs, and online. You can even discover some treasures at garage sales and flea markets.

The internet has brought great diversity to the way auctions are held. The dawn of eBay was the first real peek into what the future had in store for collectors. And so, we’ve discovered that the tired, cliched phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is actually very true.

All collectors or fans of collecting have something in common: they spend lots of time looking for exclusive objects, and they need high doses of patience and enthusiasm to track down those special items. This goes beyond collectibles being a mere economic investment. The search itself is its own reward.

Many people are unaware of the value of their collectible treasures, either for having inherited antique objects or for having accumulated similar pieces because of tastes.

However, as time progresses, many of these objects gain value by their exclusivity and our inability to find specific items. Sometimes they are valuable as objects themselves and sometimes as a collection as a whole.

For example, for many years, the exclusivity of the stamps made their economic strength increase over the years. The uniqueness of a stamp influences their beauty, circulation, rarity, or even printing errors that have made them highly pursued by collectors and stamp enthusiasts. Stamps that initially cost a few dollars now cost hundreds of dollars.

Cameras have been another valuable item for collectors because of nostalgia and exclusivity. With the evolution of technology, cameras have evolved at a dizzying speed, both internally and externally, causing cameras from 20 years ago to be preserved as authentic relics. You might think that old Polaroid Camera sitting in your basement is worthless, but someone has been searching for it for years, and they are ready to pay top dollar for it.

Why Do Antiques Seem So Cheap These Days?

The internet has tipped the scales on supply and demand for many antiques and collectible objects. If something is easier to find, its price decreases. And, with the internet, people can find almost anything their heart desires.

With new generations come new ideas, wants, and needs. For instance, younger people might not be hooked on Marilyn Monroe memorabilia like previous generations. Things in the past aren’t holding the same nostalgia for millennials and Gen-Z’ers.

Additionally, people are downsizing in general. Smaller homes mean less storage space for collector’s items.

Are My Collectibles Worthless?

If your collections bring you joy, they are priceless.

However, if you are looking at your Beanie Baby collection and feeling frustrated that they didn’t increase in value like everyone thought they would, you’re not alone. Even if you think your collection isn’t worth two pennies, we can guarantee that someone out there wants to snap them up at an auction.

Do you have Happy Meal Toys or old Hummel Figurines? They could be worth a lot of money to someone.

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